1950s vintage in miniature

We love 1950s vintage even when it’s in miniature!

In fact we love miniature vintage dolls houses per se!  This fabulous tin plate kitchen in brilliant red so captures the design elements of the 1950s period.

And the detail is amazing!  As well as a fridge with milk bottles and an ice box, there is a functioning washing machine and a range style cooker.  The large larder cupboard holds an old-fashioned manual carpet sweeper and a broom.

The amazing dresser has opening doors and great graphic detail.

It never ceases to amaze us of the level of detail which can be found in vintage doll’s furniture when you consider the technological constraints of the time.

There is something about miniature furniture and dolls houses which continue to fascinate.  I still have one from when was about five years old and continue to enjoy finding original vintage pieces for it.

You can fulfil your dream house fantasies even when you can’t afford them in real life.

There are loads of different styles of dolls house you can buy from Georgian to modern and lovely designs in between – the 1950s vintage tin houses made by companies such as Tri-ang are a particular favourite but we also love houses which look like our own – a Victorian semi for example!

There are endless hours of vintage fun to be had – and no-one can tell you to grow up and stop playing with toys.  We love vintage in miniature!


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