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Who we are

We had some debate over this – but we agreed we are passionate vintageistas who adore original vintage items!

This site is the culmination of a dream of sharing that passion and fulfilling the needs of like-minded people – we carry a range of items from 1920s to 1980s (scary to think the 80s are now vintage!)

Original vintage items
We have been collecting and selling original vintage items for what seems forever and never tire of the diversity and beauty of vintage items for the home and garden.  We are particular fans of the 1930s and 40s but also get excited by the latest trends such as 1960s and 70s!

Although we are primarily an on-line business (we also attend the occasional antique and collectors fair – in the warmer months!) we would like to think we can build as good a relationship with our customers as we would if selling face to face!

We want to give good customer service because it would be ironic if we demanded it from others but didn’t provide it ourselves! Please take time to read our ‘small print’ (see Information section below) so you are aware of our payment and delivery arrangements.

Where possible we will stock items which reflect current trends but we will always come back to universal favourites regardless of their age and style as long as they are original vintage items.

We also give you occasional visual treats by showing how vintage items can work in various rooms in the house.  We believe everyone can make room for vintage in their home and garden.

We love giving feedback to people we have bought from and would hope our customers would do the same to us – we don’t mean in a gushy kind of way but genuine recognition of their love of vintage living!  So just click on the Say hello button and well – say hello!

And if we could give you a cup of tea or coffee and a biccie when you pop onto our site we would – maybe a technological advancement a bit too far but could see an App for that in the not too distant…..

We’ve had some great feedback from our customers since the launch of the site in 2015:

“Thanks for the prompt delivery of my top – I love it!”

“I’ll be ordering again very soon – all of your items are lovely!”

“The teapot arrived safely – thanks for the prompt delivery.”

“I’ve ordered a number of items and had great service – I will definitely be back for more!”