Why do we adore Art Deco?

Art Deco is one of those styles that never seems to go out of fashion and there are thousands of people who have collected items for many years.

So what makes it so enduring?

I think its the simplicity of line and purity of shape that makes it so popular.

It looks great anywhere! You don’t have to have a completely deco house (oh but wouldn’t that be fab!) but you can place items around the house – room by room – and they would not look out of place in any setting.

Where can we use Art Deco?

Vases in the living room, teapots and glassware in the dining room, perfume bottles and potion pots in the bedroom and even mirrors in the bathroom.

It’s also a look which anyone can spot – it doesn’t have to necessarily be vintage or antique – Art Deco retro is also easy to place.

One word that can also sum up Art Deco is liberation – the art and design of the 1920s and 1930s had finally shaken off the Victorian and Edwardian periods which had become stuffy and regimented.

What about colour?

A lot of people think that Art Deco can only be monochrome with that distinctive use of black and white. Added to this was silver and mirrors and you had the look.

However there was also the introduction of softer shades nearer the end of the period (1930s) such as pinks and pale greens.

We love Art Deco here at Vintage Room by Room and regularly have items for sale which reflects this passion – keep looking if you go loco for Deco!

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