We love vintage sewing stuff!

Even if you are not an avid sewer or knitter you can still really appreciate vintage sewing and knitting items as they are usually so pretty yet functional!

Who doesn’t love a tin of old buttons?! I know I do – spend ages arranging them into colours and shapes only to put them back in the tin in a muddle to have a go again next time!

Here at Vintage Room by Room we seek out lots of items with a sewing or knitting theme – take a look at these lovely silks rolls and this so 1940s knitted knitting needle and wool bag. ┬áThe fact its knitted like a fair isle jumper is fab and lined with Liberty-style fabric makes it even better!

And this lovely vintage box from Portugal with its gorgeous felt detail on the lid – and its lining is lovely too.

We particularly like the association with the 1940s Waste Not Want Not and Make Do and Mend philosophies which meant sewing and knitting skills were in great demand to make clothes and other items which were hard to come by due to rationing and shortages.

sewing-box_1965-460x345 Embroidered-silks-roll_0115-460x345 Knitting-bag_0111-460x345 Green-silk-roll_0112-460x345

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