Make do and mend is good for the planet!

In a world of ever expanding commercialisation the old adage of make do and mend made popular during shortages in the 2nd World War may seem redundant today – but make do and mend is good for the planet!

However the emergence of vintage and the wish to recycle as much as possible, many people are learning new skills of sewing and knitting to either create new pieces or mend old ones.

Here at Vintage Room by Room our attic has many items which relate to these skills – including vintage sewing baskets and knitting needles.

We’e also just sourced a fabulous 1930s Big Book of Needlecraft which has everything you need to take up these very useful skills and is fully illustrated to help beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Let’s champion these skills! The war may be over but the battle to do our bit for the planet is still being fought!

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