Vintage Liberty scarf plus two

Gorgeous silk scarf trio!

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A real treat here with a vintage Liberty scarf plus two other gorgeous vintage scarves.

All of the scarves are pure silk and each has a hand-sewn rolled edge which is a sign of quality.

The Liberty scarf is a lovely subtle combination of colours with a classic paisley design both on the main part of the scarf and around the border. It has the unmistakeable Liberty logo in one corner.

It is in immaculate condition with no tears or marks of any kind.

Would look great with an autumnal tweed jacket or lovely crisp white shirt. A look that never goes out of fashion.

The second scarf is by the Paris fashion house of Daniel La Foret.

Again in immaculate condition with hand-sewn rolled edging.

It is in a very attractive teal colour with an unusual ribbon design which is repeated across the whole of the scarf.

Again would look fabulous with a crisp white shirt or teal coloured jumper.

The final scarf is also pure silk with a hand-sewn edge in an attractive brown and copper design and intricate border with Persian-style motifs.

It could easily be worn as a man’s cravat as well.

In immaculate condition with no makers mark but quality silk and no marks or tears.

This vintage Liberty scarf plus two other silk scarves makes up a great trio and adds style and sophistication to anyone’s wardrobe.

Would make a lovely present for a scarf-loving relative or friend (not unlike myself – so why am I selling them I hear you ask??? Or am I just talking to myself??)

The Liberty scarf measures 65cms by 65cms.

The La Foret scarf is slightly bigger measuring 75cms x 75cms.

The Persian design scarf measures 64cms x 64cms.