Toying with vintage

It’s funny how remembering a cuddly vintage toy from your childhood evokes such strong emotions.

This kind of toy tends to be one of your first memories and it conjures up feelings of safety, sleepiness and joy.

We can either recall a toy based on a favourite character (see photo of Noddy) or something we wanted to grow up to be (see photo of bunny ballerina!) or just a traditional cuddly toy such as a teddy (here seen with a teddy baby!).

Still having one of your first toys is a wonderful experience and one we should relish – how many of us really regret either giving away a much loved toy or assigning it to the dustbin?  I know I do – where is that little rabbit with one ear?

We’ve all seen how those emotions can come back years later.  How many of us in our middle age could watch Toy Story where Andy puts all his toys away without a tear in our eye (oh ahem – so that was just me then!)

These kinds of toys have never lost their popularity regardless of the rise of technology and sophisticated toys.

So go on – give your first toy a cuddle – either physically or virtually!


Noddy_0247-640x480 2-teddies-1-640x480 1960s-plush-rabbit-toy_0370-460x345

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