What is vintage ?

Genuine vintage items

New things can be vintage-style and vintage-inspired which is great as it proves how much everyone loves it – but genuine vintage items are unique and have survived the passing of time.

These aren’t high value antiques but more on a domestic-scale, useable items which are evocative of a particular time – kitchenalia in all its forms from the 30s and 40s are well loved, lovely vintage china which you can use on special days, toys and books which bring back memories from as recently as the 60s and 70s are eagerly collected and vintage clothes and accessories are a real marker in time!

We aren’t experts in every era but we know what we like and we hope you will like it too!

Quality genuine vintage items at sensible prices are now becoming harder to find but we will keep working hard to source them. ┬áMany of our items will be one-offs which you’ll not find elsewhere so don’t miss out if you see something you really like!

And keep checking us out as we source seasonal items such as vintage eggs cups for Easter and old Christmas decorations.

We would really love to hear from you about your vintage life and loves – don’t forget to get in touch through social media or by email – and always make room for vintage in your home!

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