Would William Morris approve?

William Morris coined the phrase that you should only have in your home that which is beautiful and useful.

Beautiful is not a problem – I find beauty in some of the strangest things – kitsch is my mantra!

Useful is not so easy – but who is to say just because something doesn’t have a particular use that it can’t be deemed beautiful and you can find a place for it in your house?

Vintage items are often things which had a use in the past but may not be so useful now or have been superseded by technology. Our quirky little Black Forest Scottie Dog calendar is one such item (see photo). It may not be beautiful and useful now but in it’s day it had a special appeal!

Or what about this wonderful fish sauce boat? Definitely not one of the most beautiful fish but had a use back in the day when there was an item for every domestic situation – we would now just boil fish in the bag with sauce!

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